Sandie Orum Green - SO Green

My love of design started at an early age probably around 4 with my first backyard playhouse. It was a masterpiece with an upstairs, and a kitchen, a real gem! I immediately wanted to “make it pretty” and that started a trend with every space I inhabited thereafter. After a multitude of residential projects I had the opportunity to design several fitness centers in the Los Angeles area. While employed by United Airlines I was asked to open City Ticket offices on the west coast, 8 locations in all over a one year period. That was a busy year! Later while working for Quantum in Silicon Valley my assignments included; Fitness Centers, Company Stores, Employee Cafeterias and  Break Rooms. Over the last 7 years I have worked on numerous large residential and commercial  projects from the ground up, several complete rebuilds of historical homes in Pebble Beach and Carmel, CA. Also, various smaller projects and remodels. I offer complete project management for clients that don't live in the area full time  acting as their advocate and bringing local resources and crafts people to the project.

I love what I do and feel very blessed that my work is also my passion: 'making things pretty' while still respecting our earth!

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