Green Story

Doing Business ~

The Design industry tends to print everything on paper! Tear sheets, and huge color print catalogs, estimates, invoices  -  all on paper.  I make every effort to make choices that avoid using paper whenever possible. I request catalogs via CD or flash drive, I ask for digital images versus tear sheets, I invoice customers online as well as give presentations on the computer. When I do use paper I use only recycled.  All printing that is done ~ for example: Business Cards, is  sourced with these guidelines: Elemental chlorine free (EFC), 100% Recycled Fibre, Totally recyclable and biodegradable, Totally Chlorine Free (TFC), Sourced from sustainable forests.

Project Management  ~

SO Green sources products and materials to keep a construction project moving on time while offering you eco-friendly choices.

Furnishings ~

Sourcing products that are stylish and made green is not easy, a great deal of time is spent doing research and staying up on the latest manufacturers policies. I partner with like minded manufacturers who share my sustainable focus.

Web Hosting ~

A study of over 3,500 web servers came out with some shocking results: On average, a single web server needlessly consumes 1,000 kWh on average, producing more than 630kg of CO2 annually. What’s more scary is that the number (CO2 emissions) is still growing exponentially and web hosting is estimated to be as polluting as the airline industry by year 2020. After researching hosting companies SO Green is now hosted by because they are wind powered and share our green commitment. Check out if you are looking for a good hosting company, just click on the link for special rates.

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