Elegant ~ Modern ~ Vintage  and Eco-Chic

How can it be all of those???

Well let me tell you ......

THE COPPER TUB FOR TWO - Copper is an environmentally friendly material, and as a natural product, copper is almost totally recyclable. Around 40% percent of the total global consumption of refined copper is scrap-based. So its beauty is more than just skin-deep!

STONE FLOORS & COUNTER – All salvaged.

FURNITURE – Both the double sink vanity and the sit down vanity were purchased used, refinished, stained and waxed with earth friendly products.

MIRRORS & CHESTS – The custom made mirror over the double vanity and the two in-wall mirrored medicine chests were custom designed and made of recycled wood.

FAUCETS – All water saving fixtures.

WINDOW COVERINGS – Custom design and made of organic cotton linen.

LIGHT FIXTURES – Slightly used future antiques!

PAINT – Zero VOC paint.

MIRRORS - reflect ambient and artificial light, allowing for use of lower-wattage bulbs and fewer fixtures. Mirrors are easy to clean, longer lasting and do not release chemicals into the air.

IN-FLOOR HEAT - installed under the stone radiates upward keeping heat close to the body.

SKY LIGHTS - with low e-glass and argon gas between the panes provide the best insulation. Most importantly provide tons of natural lighting and reduces the need to turn on lights during the day.

LO-FLOW SHOWERHEAD - sprays large water droplets, producing robust showers while using less water.

WATER SAVING TOILET - uses half the water of the old models.

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